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A tribute to Dr John Hyslop

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I started working in Howick on June 1st 1991, and John Hyslop had at that time been practicing in Howick for longer than I have been alive !

Now exactly 30 years later, we mourn the passing of John after 62 years of being a Family Practitioner in Howick and 2 weeks after his 90th Birthday !

John will be greatly missed by so many people in so many ways, but he will be remembered always for his kindness, caring, compassion, empathy, wisdom, generosity and unselfish giving of himself to others. For John, the patient always came first, and typical of John, he excised a growth from a patient’s face on his 90th Birthday !

John’s contribution to the community of Howick was immeasurable, as John typically gave with little fanfare or public recognition. However, Howick Hospital will always stand as a monument to him – without him the Hospital would not be in existence today.

I will personally miss John for his quirks, his humour, his kindness, his mentorship, his friendship, and invaluable life lessons he taught me over the years.

To Noreen, David, Roddie and Jane, our deepest sympathies.

Dr John Hyslop will live forever in the collective memories of the countless people whose lives he touched in his own special way.

We will miss you John. Rest in Peace.

by Dr Neill Shearer

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